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Create your own Private Blog Networks (PBNs) easily, no more auctions headache, no wasting time for finding and buying expensive expired aged domains, Crawl unlimited expired domains with high speed.

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Core Features

Fully Automation Software

Just provide the niche keywords, foot prints or seed URLs and click on start button to get best expired domains using our crawler.

Domain Resurrection

DDominator has the ability to restore the expired domains website from Archive.org, so it looks natural in the Google and viewers eyes.

Historic Data

Crawl the website and grab the seeds urls from year 2000 to 2016 by analysing the 100 pages of Google search engine without getting banned.

Domain Metrics

Get all major domain metrics like Majestic TF, CF, CF/TF Ratio, Backlinks, Referring Domains, MOZ PA, DA, MOZ Rank.

Columns Selection

You can select the domain metrics & information columns as you like.

Best Price

More features than any other expired domain crawler, yet available at lowest price in the market.

Spam Score

DDominator ease out manual calculations by providing Spam Score based using its Artificial Intelligence.

Web2.0 Harvester

Ability to find the expired tumblr, weebly, wordpress blogs and so on and make your Web2.0 powerful PBN network.

Reverse Crawl

Now crawl your competitors backlinks and get as seed urls for the provided URL/website and get expired domains on those websites and their linked websites.

Proxies Support

Add your own or use proxies software to auto import proxies through giving interval of time to DDominator.

Auto Threads

DDominator have the ability to adjust software threads according to your PC CPU and RAM availability.

Filters Domains

Filter out the useless domains, so you only get the useful expired domains. Automatically save and reset the filters.

Building PBN has never been so fun.

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Why Choose DDominator

Fast & Automated way to get best expired domains with all metrics!

DDominator is the world’s fastest expired domain crawler & web 2.0 crawler which gives quick insights of the expired domains with all required domain metrics along with spam detection technique. DDominator also has a Domain archive rebuilder module which can download all cached HTML, CSS, JSS & Image files of the expired domains right from archive.org, the wayback machine.
DDominator comes with the inbuilt feature to give you all the available domains metrics. No need to check each metrics one by one manually like Majestic TF, CF, CF/TF Ratio, Majestic Referral Domains, Referral Backlinks, MOZ PA DA and MOZRank and SPAM Score.

  • Domain Resurrector rebuilds all the website files of a domain from Wayback machine(archive.org)!
  • Calculates SPAM score of All the expired domains!
  • DDominator has an awesome feature of controlling number of threads automatically based on hosting OS resources.
  • DDominator has simple but smart user interface to navigate through application fast & easily.
  • Supports any windows version whether it is old-age Win 98.
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Processes Domains

Expired Domains

Domains Rebuilded

DDominator In Action



  • Crawl Seed URLs & Keywords
  • Lists Maximum 100 Expired Domains
  • 3 days Trial with Limitations
  • High Priority Support
  • Web2.0 Harvester
  • Domain Resurrector/Archive Builder


  • Crawl Seed URLs & Keywords
  • 1,00,000 DD API Credits/month Included
  • 365 days validity
  • High Priority Support
  • Web2.0 Harvester
  • Domain Resurrector/Archive Builder

See What DDominator’s Users Say

Compared to similar expired domain crawler, this one is cheaper, yet it has same features as its competitors and don’t forget about the domain resurrection (archive rebuiler). With just one click you can easily restore expired domains from archive.org. You would usually need to pay for another software to have this, but with DDominator is free. Support is answering tickets really fast and every time I needed help I got it in minutes. I really recommend this expired domain crawler if you are looking to set up your own PBN.


SEO Expert


Beast Mode!

I have never had such an easy and user-friendly expired domain scrapper. Within literally 3 minutes, I was all primed up and ready to go. This monster is running at the background, churning out expired domains like a beast.

User Friendliness: 10/10
Functionality: 9/10

OP also provides quick support on skype, and replies almost instantaneously. Another plus point. Overall a solid expired domain crawler and I would recommend it for the price point.


SEO Expert

I was given a free review copy of DDominator and have to say I’ve found it to be an outstanding addition to my expired domain hunting arsenal.
I have and use all of the best known tools being offered for the purpose of finding expired domains, but this one is my new favorite.
With it’s clean user interface, and really easy setup and search everything about it feels ‘smooth’. I found that it has every single feature I need to quickly find, filter and sort domains just the way I need them to be.
Given how easy it is to use, plus the Web 2.0 Harvester AND Domain Resurector built in at no additional cost this bad boy is easily the new king of the hill.
I even did some back and forth with support, mostly just to get a feel for what the support was like and was genuinely impressed with how knowledgeable the support staff personnel is.
DDominator gets my highest recommendation as the best expired domain crawler.
Thanks, I really appreciate having had the opportunity to test drive DDominator.

Burn Notice

SEO Expert

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